Hu Long Temple’s Esme Bindon recently won Gold in women’s Sanda (Chinese full contact kickboxing) under 65kg category at the British Council for Chinese Marital Arts British Championships on the 17th July making her the British National Champion.
Esme has been training in Sanda for 5 years, having started her journey with Sanda at the North Shaolin Temple in China. She trained under a Chinese National Sanda Champion and continued her training under her Dad, Matt Bindon, at home. Sanda, is the Chinese term for full-contact free-fighting, which in competition terms is also known as Sanshou or Chinese kick-boxing. Fighters train hard and condition their bodies whilst practicing a variety of kicks, punches and strikes. Throws and takedown’s are also included. Rounds last for 2 to 3 minutes, that take place on a lei tai, which is an elevated fighting arena without railings. Fighters may be pushed or thrown out of the boundary box of the lei tai.
Originally, Sanda was taught without gloves and body armour. The traditional Kung Fu training and Qi Gong practice is used to help strengthen the body, provide conditioning, vitality and the foundations to fight training and protection. Sanda is essentially putting your Kung Fu skill, power and strength into action. It also incorporates grappling, floor-work, locks, holds, throws, palm, elbows and knee strikes.
Hu Long Temple’s head coach is a 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple who was one of the first western people to be awarded this in China Some Sanda training is taught in a variety of locations to allow our students to experience different situations and environments. We teach students to learn how to utilize their surroundings to their advantage, how to combine footwork and fluidity and learn how to deliver power with accuracy and speed. Students are required to train in Traditional Kung Fu and Qi Gong alongside their Sanda training for all round overall training and development.
Sanda / Sanshou has been trialed at the Olympics and it looking to hopefully be successful in the 2020 Olympics which Hu Long Temple will help to train and select potential students.