Our Counselling service is a professional therapeutic service ran by Kim-Leng Hills, who is a fully qualified therapist. Counselling helps individuals find ways to deal with emotions, thoughts and memories that may be difficult to process.

Confidential therapeutic service following the BACP Ethical Code

Teaches Mindfulness & Self-Awareness to help control emotions and self regulate

Reduces Risk Taking Behaviour

Person Centred maintaining and respecting the Client’s autonomy

Promotes Self Respect and Respecting Others

Accessible to physical, cognitive or hidden disabilities, including life-limiting illnesses.

How would Counselling benefit me?

Everyone goes through times in their life where thoughts or feelings can get a bit ‘too much’. You may find yourself persistently worrying about something that you may not be able to sleep at night, or you may have experienced something in your life that still brings back a lot of emotions and memories. Counselling can really help someone if they are finding their day to day lives are being affected by persistent thoughts, memories or emotions and they may want to talk through ways they can help manage and cope with this. They may also wish to explore these thoughts, memories and emotions in greater detail and perhaps begin to process them so they no longer become triggering. The list below is an example of areas people may wish to attend counselling for support to help cope, but this is not a limited list:
  • A mental health condition such as depression and anxiety, or an eating disorder
  • You or someone you know or support has a physical condition or life-limiting illness.
  • Difficulty with emotions, such as anger or low self worth
  • A difficult or traumatic life event such as childhood sexual abuse, a breavement or loss, or a relationship breakdown
  • Experiencing memories and emotions from the past that come in ‘flashbacks’ or feel like the event is still happening, such as symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Other areas such as sexual identity or self-harm
  • You are in crisis and need to speak with a professional, or are on a waiting list but not support immediately

What should I expect?

You will be invited to an hour long assessment session where Kim-Leng will talk through with you about why you feel you have come for Counselling. This is so that she can gain a better understanding of what you are experiencing and whether or not our services is the one that will benefit you the most, and if not, she can sign post you to one that may be more suited to your needs.
Hu Long Temple Counselling is a confidential therapeutic service that utilises Integrative Counselling with a Person-Centred base, following the BACP Ethical Code. This means the client is at the centre of their therapy and generally leads the sessions, but the counsellor uses different tools that they feel is more appropraite for the client to access and use, as long as it benefits their wellbeing. Sessions are open-ended, which means you are not restricted to a set number of sessions, and can be done face to face, over the phone, by email or online.

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We receive referrals from anyone, you may be someone from an Agency or you may wish to self refer.
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