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The Summer Activity Stay is Teens Unite’s most anticipated and spoken about Teens event.

The stay is jam packed and full of activities, ranging from sports workshops, to art workshops and karaoke! There is something to appeal to all tastes and suit all abilities. You go at your own pace and there is absolutely no pressure for you to join in every activity.

The Activity Stay provides opportunities to spend valuable time with others in similar situations, where strong friendships are formed and lifelong memories made.

Hu Long Temple run workshops in learning about self-care, mindfulness, meditation, practical self defence, Chinese martial arts that helps work on sensitivity, coordination, speed, flexibility, core strength, balance, stamina and focus. We have ran these workshops with young people with cancer who have all been on very different stages in their cancer journey, including those who may have very limited mobility or are visually impaired. Our training is for everyone, and more notabily, it is about helping individuals through their journey — you will be even more surprised at what you are able to achieve, even if it’s finding a moment of peace and tranquility.