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Our workshops and events are open to all ages and abilities, you do not need to have any previous experience in Marital Arts or Qi Gong to attend unless otherwise stated. In some cases, we only run workshops for existing students, however, the majority of our workshops are open to both the general public as well as our students due to them being wholely beneficial. We encourage those that attend our open workshops and events to invite their families and friends to join in (and and your dogs if we’re outside!) however, we do expect everyone to follow and respect our code of conduct. We require all participants to fill in our disclosure forms which you can find on this page under ‘Important Documents’.

Types of Workshops

We provide workshops and events to local communities, international events, corporate workshops for businesses, organisations, charities, companies, projects and schools / universities. We provide the following:

Our workshops can be just for the hour, day, or over a series of days/weeks, depending on your requirements and what is actually physically possible. We run our workshops teaching basic foundations of our training practise, so even if participants understood or knew a marital art or not, every one is learning at the same pace. If other needs are required, for example, a participant or group have a learning disability, we are qualified and experienced in being able to provide sessions to their needs too. All we ask is for you to let us know any special requirements when enquiring for a workshop.
Our Instructor and Assistants are qualified in First Aid and Safeguarding adults and young people, with many years experience of working with adults and children with learning disabilities, life-limiting illnesses, mental health difficulties and social emotional behavioural difficulties. Our Head Master, who delivers these sessions, has over 20 years qualified teaching experience in pro-active physical interventions to personnel and professionals, as well as over 20 years teaching the Shaolin arts.
Workshops will require participants to join in and ‘learn by doing’. In doing so, a person can truly develop and begin to gain an understanding of the subject matter as well as themselves. Our marital and health training derives from an ancient system going back over 1,500 years; a system that we continue to practice and maintain with respect and regard. We do not expect participants to be experts or to suddenly be able to move like an ancient master, we tailor our workshops to the levels of those who take part, but we do expect everybody to commit themselves and have a go.
Our workshops in female-only self defence are focussed on practical self-defence techniques that deal with real life situations. However, these techniques can only be applied if the individual is confident enough to use them. We focus on building an individual’s self-confidence through continuous practise and teaching relaxation techniques to help calm the mind and body; when the body is relaxed, our reactions are much quicker and stronger. The premise of these classes are in support of the Devon Rape Crisis Service and the My Body Back Project; we are open to helping all females who have been in vulnerable or dangerous situations, as well as those who simply wish to know how to defend themselves, by providing a very safe and supportive environment in which to train. Our Head Master and Assistant are both trained and experienced in Safeguarding and practical effective self-defence. Our Head Master has over 20 years qualified teaching experience in pro-active physical interventions, and is a full-contact Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) coach who has trained students to International level.

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Shifu Matt, and his pupils from Hu Long Temple led the two final sessions of Kung Fu & Qi Gong at the Cool Rethink Summer Party on 22nd July 2016.
The pictures speak for themselves – but for many of the new participants who have mental health issues as well as physical problems, this was the first time they’d tried Kung Fu & Qi Gong. Even though it took some concentration and physical effort over a period of 2 hours, there was a lot of laughter and even better, people felt good after participating.
Shifu Matt is an excellent and patient teacher, taking time with individuals who were struggling with the movements. Everyone left with a sense of achievement and wanting more. A group are planning to come to the classes in Totnes from Torbay.
Thank you Matt and students for sharing your time and expertise with Cool Rethink.
Claudia Benzies, Cool Rethink Mental Illness
Kim-Leng and Shifu Matt’s presence at the Teens Unite Activity Stay was phenomenal and made such a huge impact on the lives of the young people that we support. We were uncertain of the capabilities of the group at the beginning of the session but Kim-Leng and Shifu Matt made it clear that workshop was suitable no matter how mobile or strong they were. By the end of the session the young people had taken part in various diverse activities for the first time and learnt new skills to keep with them for life.
Tai Ji and Qi Gong have given me some new skills to improve my fitness. I’m very grateful for the personal advice, which I will use. I really enjoyed being able to to take part in everything despite my disability.
Anon, 24 years old
I liked trying out new things, especially Tai Ji, and not being pigeon-holed for my journey with cancer.
Anon, 19 years old
I found the Tai Ji and Meditation very relaxing, I mostly enjoyed the meditation!
Anon, 20 years old
Having just recently being diagnosed with cancer and am yet to start my treatment, the activity made me feel normal again!
Anon, 21 years old
The workshop helped me as I got to try out new things, I just wish we had more time!
Anon, 21 years old
I really enjoyed exercising and learning self-defence. It was enjoyable trying out new activities and watching the instructors demonstrate things.
Anon, 25 years old
I found that the workshop relaxed me which really helped, and I also got to learn new skills. I enjoyed learning martial arts!
Anon, 22 years old
The workshop has given me the opportunity to learn techniques on relaxation. I enjoyed learning some Kung Fu.
Anon, 18 years old
The day helped me learn how to relax myself. It boosted my positivity. I really enjoyed learning how to meditate.
Anon, 19 years old
The martial arts taught me how to control my breathing and to stay calm in certain situations. I enjoyed interacting with others.
Anon, 22 years old
The day has helped me build my confidence, I want to take on Kung Fu. I enjoyed learning how to defend myself, and how to properly kick and punch.
Anon, 21 years old
The workshop helped me with relaxation and breathing techniques. Learning a new skill which could help in life meant a lot to me. I want to gradually start to spar in Sanda!
Anon, 21 years old

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