Qi Gong & Taiji Classes

Soft Qi Gong

“Soft” Qi Gong is taught primarily to improve a students health and their overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Qi Gong is a form of soft exercise focusing on the internal aspects if Qi (or intrinsic energy / life force)

Hu Long Temple teach a variation of Daoist and Buddhist Qi Gong exercises and forms which is suitable for the young and old and ideally practised daily.

Hard Qi Gong

‘Hard’ Qi Gong is taught later to students that want to develop their internal Qi to enable their body’s ability to withstand physical damage / trauma.

By using special breathing techniques Qi is accumulated and acts as protection within the body to withstand physical blows. This type of Qi Gong is suitable to committed students.

This type of Qi Gong can also be seen by the famous Shaolin Monks displaying feats of bricks being broken on their heads and spears bending in their throats. Nowadays this type of training is used to develop the body to be strong and healthy.


Hu Long Temple Tai Ji consists of ‘old yang style’ and emphasises on soft techniques and movements to improve Qi and fluidity within your body. Tai Ji martial applications are also taught to help the student fully understand both the Yin and Yang principles and theory. Traditionally, the long Tai Ji form takes up to 5 years to learn, but is taught in sections so students can progress once they can demonstrate and understand each section.

Shifu practised this form for 20 years before teaching it to dedicated students. To date, this same group of students have learnt half the form within 3 years, and continue to practice diligently alongside Shifu.

This old style of Tai Ji was heavily influenced by Chen Taiji, Shaolin Quan, Xin Yi and Ba Gua Zhuang which is reflected in its movements by its deep stances and coiling movements, specific footwork and dynamism of Shaolin.