Safeguarding & Policies

Hu Long Temple is dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of all of our students. We are a member of the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts, which is a government scheme that ensures expert duty of care in Martial Arts under Sport England. By seeing our SCiMA logo, it means families/carers/educational establishments/agencies can have peace of mind that your child, young person, or a vulnerable adult is safe whilst training with us. We work closely with our local Police, Safeguarding experts at the Anne Craft Trust, the NSPCC Child Protection in Sports Unit (CPSU), Safeguarding course providers EduCare, and the County Sports Partnership, Active Devon in ensuring we are up to date with current policies, legislation and safeguarding measures to keep any participant safe.
You will be able to access all our policies and documentations here, as well as find information on what to do if you are concerned about the wellbeing of yourself or another person who attends Hu Long Temple.

Staff You Need To Know

Kim-Leng Hills
Kim-Leng HillsSafeguarding Lead
You can contact Kim-Leng about any concerns, or queries you may have within Hu Long Temple. If you are worried about your or another person’s safety and wellbeing, Kim-Leng is the appointed Safeguarding Lead to take care of the situation and handle it according to policy and legislation. She is qualified in Child and Adult Safeguarding and Advanced Child Protection in Education and Sport, and has been trained as a Safeguarding Lead by the NSPCC Child Protection in Sports Unit. Kim-Leng is also a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, a member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and is enhance DBS checked. Her professional background is working with young people with mental health and emotional behavioural difficulties within education, alternative provisions and secure units, as well as adults who have complex mental health difficulties and victims of abuse.
If you have any concerns or queries and the Safeguarding Lead is not available, you can speak to any of the Senior Members, or phone our emergency number on 07376595378
Read our Children & Young People Safeguarding Policy for immediate support.

Helpful Information

An adult or child is in immediate danger? Don’t delay:
Call the Police on 999
Sometimes you may be worried about yourself, a friend, a family member, a neighbour, or a stranger, and you may not be sure about what to do. There are organisations who can help, and you can speak to them anonymously, or you can speak to Hu Long Temple’s Safeguarding Team. It is important to remember that if you know you, or someone is suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm, you must report it to the Police, or other organisations below. It may be scary at first, and you may worry whether or not you’re doing the right thing, but by talking to someone about it who is qualified, they will be able to help:

I’m a child worried about myself or someone else:
Call ChildLine Free on
0800 1111
If you’re in immediate danger:
Call the Police on 999

I’m an adult worried about a child:
Call the NSPCC on
0808 800 500
OR call the Police on 999

I’m worried about an adult based in Devon:
Call Care Direct on
0345 155 1007
If they’re in immediate danger, call the Police on 999

It’s important to remember that telling someone may save your life, or someone elses. If talking to any of these services is too daunting, it is okay to speak to Hu Long Temple’s Safeguarding Lead and Welfare Officer as you may already feel quite comfortable with them.

If things are on your mind and you wish to speak to someone and you don’t feel comfortable talking to a family member, friend, or another person you trust, you can speak with Kim-Leng who will be happy to listen and may sign post you to some local support services if you feel this may help you. In other instances, you can contact the Samaritans on 116 123 (UK) for free, any time of the day. Although speaking to the Samaritans may have an association with feeling suicidal, you don’t need to feel suicidal just to speak to them. They are there to help talk things through no matter what is troubling you and can sign post you to services closer to your area if they feel it will help.
If thoughts and feelings are arising whilst you train, this can be quite common and is a way to help become more mindful and self aware of what you’re experiencing. Training can be tough, especially when you’re doing something that may feel quite difficult because you’ve never done it before, or you may be expecting yourself to be able to do it perfectly. We are also mindful that training can arise thoughts, feelings or memories that are linked to previous events if someone has experienced something traumatic — this does not have to be through abuse, it may also be through brain injury (where learning coordination again can arise a lot of anger or frustration), post-recovery for illnesses, bereavement or loss, etc. It’s about how we deal with those emotions and if they begin to have an unhealthy affect on your wellbeing. It’s important to discuss anything you are finding challenging with Shifu Matt Bindon, as we will be able to support you and your training so that it benefits you, rather than hinders you.
We take confidentiality seriously and are extremely sensitive to what you may wish to discuss with us. If you’re worried, you can email us at — this email address is accessed by Shifu Matt Bindon and Kim-Leng. If you wish you contact them individually, you can email Shifu Matt at and Kim-Leng and If you don’t want to email, you can approach us during class times, and we will ensure to make the time to speak to you either together, or individually. If you are under 18, both of us will be present, or at least one of us and another safeguarding trained adult student. We can also agree to arrange a separate time to properly sit down and discuss anything that you need to talk to us about.
We would encourage you to please speak with Shifu Matt Bindon and/or Kim-Leng directly and we will be more than happy to address what happened.
You can speak directly to the Headteacher, Shifu Matt, and/or the Safeguarding Lead, Kim-Leng. If you wish not to, then you can speak to our Trustees instead; Rob Wellington and Rachel Stewart. Your concerns will then be discussed in a meeting, addressed, reported (if it’s a Safeguarding concern) and escalated if necessary. For full details, read our Whistleblowing & Complaints procedures.

Important Documents