Sanda Classes

Sanda directly translates to ‘Free-Fighting’, essentially putting your Kung Fu into practice. Sanda consists of kicking, striking (including knees and elbows), takedowns and throwing techniques as well as grappling. Sanda is practiced so that students gradually learn how to use correct techniques before they are allowed to spar with other students. Students then go on to learning how to spar in realistic situations, especially understanding self-control, accuracy, footwork amongst many other skills.

A combination of pad work is used so that students can practice their punches and kicks enabling them to become more proficient in their ability.

Although Hu Long Temple have trained students to national level standard and have produced several full-contact champions, Hu Long Temple’s traditional training is fundamental before students are introduced to free-fighting. We therefore currently only run Sanda specific classes to students who show this level of commitment.

A further advancement of this training is taught once students have attained a certain level of skills and competence.

When and Where?

Sanda Sessions are part of traditional Kung Fu classes on a Wednesday 6:30pm – 8pm. It is important to understand the application of your traditional Kung Fu which is why we have embedded it into our standard Kung Fu class.

Full Contact Sanda Classes are Sundays with a closed group of students. This class is for specific students only. For the location, please contact Hu Long Temple.