August 2019

Teens Unite Summer Activity Stay

The Summer Activity Stay is Teens Unite’s most anticipated and spoken about Teens event. The stay is jam packed and full of activities, ranging from sports workshops, to art workshops and karaoke! There is something to appeal to all tastes and suit all abilities. You go at your own pace and there is absolutely no pressure for you to join in every activity. [...]

November 2016

UK Shaolin Temple Competition

We are excited to be supporting the UK Shaolin Temple Competition this year over in Southampton. The competition invites Open Wushu Taolu (Modern, Traditional and Taiji) and San Da (Qingda). The Taolu competition will be held on 14 x 8 m Judo mats. The Sanshou competition will be held at 8 x 8 judo mats. The [...]

July 2016

BCCMA Championships 2016

Hu Long Temple are competing in Sanda (Sanshou) at the BCCMA National Sparring Championships 2016. Spectators are welcome, please see below for further details.