Matt Bindon – Headteacher & Chairman of Hu Long Temple

Shifu Matt Bindon
Shifu Matt BindonHeadteacher & Chairman
Shi Heng Liang is Matt Bindon’s given buddhist temple name. He is a 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple. Matt is the first Westerner to ever have been sworn in to the North Shaolin Temple, China, recognised for his dedication to traditional Chinese martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu, Weapons, Hard Qi Gong, Taiji, Soft Qi Gong and Sanda. With over 30 years of dedication to Shaolin training which commenced when he was a young boy, Matt eventually obtained a 4th Degree master level in 2006 being one of few granted this level of dedication and skill.

He began his training in Long Fist Kung Fu at the age of 14 under Master Chet Alexander who had trained under the renowned teacher, Master Chang. Matt trained in Buddhist and Taoist Soft Qi Gong for 28 years (Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Shibashi, Five Animals, and other forms of Qi Gong) whilst also training in Hard Qi Gong (Iron Body, Head, Neck and Limbs) for 25 years. He has trained in Tai Ji for 25 years, having only taught after 20 years of practice. Sanda Chinese Kickboxing and Free Fighting have been particular areas of focus over many years, where he has trained with semi-pro and professional fighters. Matt has coached fighters to compete both nationally and internationally within Sanda. He has trained students in Long Fist to successfully compete both nationally and internationally, and has performed with students in several Chinese martial arts festivals, events and showcases.

Matt trains diligently, everyday without fail, and teaches all the classes and workshops for Hu Long Temple.


  • Successful students reach Gold, Silver and Bronze in Talou and Sanda at BCCMA National competitions.
  • Students achieving in International Competition in Talou at SENI.
  • Numerous successful students in Sanda competitions including 2016 Gold Medalist in the BCCMA National Championships.
  • Featured in the Wisdom of Shaolin production — the first Shaolin performance comprised of all-Western participants.
  • Has taught successful workshops throughout the UK, Europe and USA.
  • The first Western person to be granted Discipleship at the North Shaolin Temple.
  • Shi Heng Liang has demonstrated his Kung Fu which was approved by the North Shaolin Temple Abbot and Senior Monks.
  • Teaching self protection skills for 20 years to charities and corporate organisations.
  • Has worked and supported vulnerable adults implementing strategies in how to keep safe.
  • Trained in Child Welfare and Child Safeguarding by the NSPCC:CPSU
Shi-Xiōng Rob Wellington
Shi-Xiōng Rob WellingtonClub Secretary
Robert has worked for Devon County Council for 20 years and has been Chairman of Follaton Resident’s Association for many years. Robert has spent time and continues to do so, working with a local charity including the most recent project of developing a community therapeutic access garden for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and the general public. Robert has trained in Chinese Marital Arts for many years and has a keen interest in helping others within all walks of life. His wife and two daughters have all trained in Chinese Martial Arts including meditation and Qi Gong, and continue to support others in the community within their training.
Rachel Stewart
Rachel StewartClub Committee Member
Rachel is a Manager within a well known booksellers company and has vast experience in working with professionals from different walks of life. She has long been an advocate of physical and mental wellbeing and has often participated in charitable fundraising events in the form of half-marathons and the notorious Hell Runner. She graduated with her Masters in English Criticism and Theory from the University of Exeter in 2011 where she spent 5 years working along side young people and local schools to encourage and promote a lifestyle of learning, positive self-development and personal growth in a way that supports the community. She also acted as an Ambassador for the University wherein she supported students from all backgrounds and of all abilities to develop their potential. She has spent time volunteering at home and abroad where she worked with people for all ages, from developing art classes for young people to visiting isolated elderly members of the community.

Rachel is grateful to be part of Hu Long Temple School of Chinese Martial Arts and Wellbeing, as she quickly found that the morals and values practised there were inline with her own. She finds the expertise and knowledge exercised there makes a tangible and positive impact on people’s lives, and she is proud to be part of Hu Long Temple projects that improve the conditions of life for those in her community and its surrounds.

Shi-Jiě Kim-Leng Hills
Shi-Jiě Kim-Leng HillsSafeguarding Lead
Kim-Leng (Chinese: “金龍”) is the designated Safeguarding Lead, working closely with the Police and specialist agencies to ensure the school sustains its safeguarding specialism. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and is THRIVE trained. Kim-Leng was bought up practicing Buddhism and took refuge in 2009 under Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche who gave her temple name of “Karma Lamdron”.
Whilst working as a professional Photographer in London, Kim-Leng helped run a social enterprise promoting art therapy with an artist friend, working with young people with mental health difficulties and cancer diagnoses. It was here where she met Debbie Pezzani, founder of Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, and began running workshops for the charity, and has continued to do so since 2010. Hu Long Temple have now been helping support Teens Unite and their young people and families for over 5 years. Whilst volunteering, Kim-Leng stopped her Photography career and began secondary teaching where she taught young people with learning or behavioural difficulties, utilising meditation, filmmaking and sports as a form of intervention. She then moved on to secure units for extremely vulnerable children and young people with complex mental health and social emotional behavioural difficulties. Due to her passion and experience in safeguarding and complex mental health, Kim-Leng retrained as Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, and now volunteers her time at a local counselling and psychotherapy centre, and helps inform Sport England/EduCare on Safeguarding in Martial Arts.