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Traditional Training

We are a Chinese martial arts school based on traditional principles and a holistic ethos that has been passed down from Teacher to Disciple over generations.

Hu Long Temple is currently headed by Shifu Matt Bindon who is the lineage holder of the Hu Long Temple System. This system consists of traditional Chan Wu principles and philosophy (Zen Buddhism) incorporated into daily living and physical practice of internal and external Kung Fu (traditional Long Fist Kung Fu), Qi Gong, Taiji and Meditation. There is a strong emphasis on Qi Gong -- soft Qi Gong and Ying Qi Gong (Hard / Iron Body Qi Gong) to keep the body and mind healthy and strong.

Due to the traditional training methods, good focus, discipline and martial etiquette is expected from our students. We currently train in limited class numbers for students to get better contact time with their teacher and some private sessions can also take place. We currently do not run children's classes and only teach over 18's.

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